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30 Oct

The Problem with Appliance Indecisions

After much discussion, you've finally picked out your cabinet style and finishes. Now you can order your cabinets, right?

Wrong.  While you are almost there, one very important element to your kitchen design remains: appliance selection.  Appliance selection is a crucial component to be considered before pulling the trigger on a kitchen design.  Standard appliance sizes can be built into the design of and project, but if these dimensions are not communicated to the client, the finial appliance selection can de disastrous. Clients can often fall in love with a specialty refrigerator with extra large dimensions.  If the decision is made after the cabinets are built, there may not be ample enough space to accommodate such a refrigerator. Such predicaments can be avoided by early appliance selection.  We don't want you to end up in a sticky situation, so here are a few guidelines to consider.

What appliances will be in your kitchen?

 Choosing your appliances has a lot to do with the personality of your kitchen.  Are you a food enthusiast who would enjoy a oversized gas range ? Maybe a you like to host dinner parties and will need an icemaker? However you use your kitchen will determine what appliances you deem necessary for your space.  If you're looking at an oversized range, you'll need a vent hood to fit that range.  Your kitchen design expert can help guide through these decisions to optimize the creativity and efficiency of your layout.  Changing your mind on appliances can waste time, money, and resources.  

Plumbing and electric – no surprises

Not only do appliance selections affect the aesthetics of your kitchen layout, they also affect electric and plumbing.  Even the smallest change in dimension can alter the placement of an appliance, causing electricians and plumbers to adjust outlet locations, etc.  This can become a costly mistake if it isn't taken into consideration early on in the process.

Holding up the process

Ordering specialty appliances takes time.  This can cause you to be waiting around for your beloved refrigerator weeks after the cabinet installation is complete.  If you have a built-in oven cabinet, many times the installer will need to have the oven on hand during installation for cut the cabinet to size.  Scheduling conflicts and delays occur when appliances are not ordered in a timely fashion. 

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen cabinets and would like some help, feel free to contact us at DSC Cabinets.

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