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At DSC we specialize in reinventing kitchen cabinetry offering plenty of choices to suit every home owner's taste and budget. Kitchens are certainly happening places with homework, budgeting, and meals happening in the background. Hence there is a need for efficient space utilization.  Home owners expect their cabinets to go beyond functionality; they also need coordinate seamlessly with existing kitchen appliance and gadgets. The emphasis is always on quality craftsmanship and an elegant finish. Little details like embellishments, accents and molding also create the right impact. Choosing the right door material and style and using the right finish is essential to ensure that your kitchen is a showstopper.

So get set to create a warm and welcoming kitchen by exploring our wealth of ideas at the DSC store where style and functionality work in tandem to create the right effect.


  • Aristokraft Cabinets
  • Shiloh Cabinets
  • Quality Cabinets
  • Kemper
  • Merillat
  • Kitchen Kraft

Aristokraft Cabinets

More Than You'd Expect

Aristokraft CabinetryAristokraft has the style, selection and value you need to bring your vision to life. With our speedy delivery and our industry-leading service, we'll keep your project on-time and make planning your dream home simple and enjoyable. Whether you're updating an existing room or creating a brand new space, we'll deliver quality products that will stand the test of time.

Every home carries a unique design and with the Aristokraft Cabinetry collection you will find some of the best cabinets that reflect much class and style. There is a lot that goes into planning a dream home, upgrading an existing room or building a new one and home owners are constantly on the lookout for quality products. Aristokraft cabinets are both affordable and renowned for their top class materials and stylish finish.

There are plenty of options in the market and it can get a little overwhelming at times. We first help you analyse the options, provide you a clear picture of the latest trends and work around your budget. The Aristokraft selection is extensive and includes cabinetry that are traditional, contemporary and a blend of both the styles.
If you’re remodeling your home and not sure how to start, we are happy to help in creating a budget and choosing the right wood, moulding, accents, glazes and finishes.

Organising a small room or kitchen can be tricky as space is a huge constraint. Aristokraft Cabinetry is designed in a unique way that ensures that both aesthetics and functionality blend together. So planning your dream home is easier than you thought.

Shiloh Cabinets

Elegance in Wood

Shiloh Elegance in WoodShiloh specializes in kitchen and bath cabinetry that are exclusively designed to meet the needs of the modern customer. Member of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer’s Association, Shiloh’s products ensure that the environment remains protected and the seal of approval by the Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP) bear testament to this fact.

With an extensive collection of over 250 cabinets, customers are truly spoilt for choice. Shiloh’s dressing room cabinets are stylish and functional with a face frame construction and detailing that help organize your shoes and clothes better. The jewelry organizer is quite popular with the ladies.

Decorative wood hoods by Shiloh can bring life to an otherwise dull kitchen with our intricate crafting, unique design, flexible sizing and functionality. Here’s a true recipe for designer kitchen and we’re not surprised if you’d want to spend more time in there.

A lot of customers prefer being marooned in the Shiloh island and why not? The fabulous standalone collection of islands is designed to add personality to the kitchen. The dark stained or painted finish lends a gentle touch and the extensive door styles and sizes ensure that customers have what they need.
Shiloh cabinetry redefines ‘elegance in wood’ and with a price tag that is not too hard on the wallet.

Quality Cabinets

Common Name - Uncommon Values.

Quality CabinetsQuality Cabinet may sound like a common name but the value we provide is a rarity indeed. It's more than just stocking up bits of cabinet furniture, here you find lifestyle solutions that are too often put in the back burner by manufacturers. Our customized tools help transform the vision of your home into reality.

The WoodStar series presents a range of affordable options while Quality Cabinet's designer series features eclectic styling and panels. With evolving trends and lifestyle changes, the kitchen is more the central hub at home with family or friends coming together to share a meal and catch up. At Quality Cabinets we provide a complete overhaul of kitchen cabinetry and furnishings like railings, molding and spice racks.

Utility rooms and bathrooms are also sporting a brand new look as they are no longer designed to cater to functional needs. The bathroom is now a place to unwind and relax while the utility room doubles up as a place for craftwork. We understand the need for that extra space and storage area and custom build cabinets to suit your requirement. With diminishing workplace boundaries, home offices are common and not everyone pays attention while designing one. Quality Cabinet products combine functional features as well as the right aesthetics to create the right impact in your home.

Kemper Cabinets

Distinctive Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets

Kemper CabinetryKemper presents a range of lifestyle cabinetry products that are distinctive yet functional. Too often we spend our lives in homes that are not really a reflection of our personality and small compromises are made. We help you transform your home into a living space that defines your personality while keeping to mind your comfort and cost.

A subsidiary of MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc, the Kemper team has helped MasterBrand achieve an iconic status and today they are a household name in the cabinetry market. Over the years, our designs have evolved and kept up with the latest market trends and the changing thought-process of the modern home owner.

Kemper’s extensive range of products include door cabinets, mullion and glass doors made of textured or art glass, embellishments and moldings and speciality cabinets. We also help in organizing your bathroom, kitchen or any other living space to ensure that there is ample room for you to move better.

We at the Kemper Cabinetry team stand up for our FourEver Promise of Function, Beauty, Strength and Performance that is incorporated into every product that is manufactured in our unit. So all you need to do is ascertain your style and let us know what's in your mind, so we could recommend the right cabinetry for your home.

Merillat Cabinets

The Dream Kitchen for the Real World

Merillat CabinetryMerillat’s fine range of cabinetry ensures that there are ample choices to suit every style and budget. We understand that cabinets and doors create a huge impact on the overall design of the room while small enhancements and fine touches make a big difference as well.

Merillat started life in 1946 and is proud to be one of the largest cabinet manufacturers in the country. The most preferred choice among builders, our products carry the coveted seal of approval by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA). Our products range also extends to tackle some lesser known kitchen problems like sink damage which can be prevented using our innovative Coreguard Sink Base that is designed using damage-resistant, leak proof materials.

The Merillat Masterpiece series features a wide range of door styles, decorative enhancements, custom modifications, accessories, Whisper Touch system and the 14-step finishing process. Kitchen storage accessories and trendy cabinetry help enliven the cooking area while bathroom vanities and storage spaces ensure that the place is uncluttered and clean. If you’re looking at giving your laundry units and home offices a fresh look, our contemporary cabinetry add a touch of class.

So get your hands on a design plan, choose from a range of cabinetry and spruce up your living space with Merillat.

KitchenCraft Cabinets

Rich Cabinetry. Personal Styles

KitchenCraft CabinetryOur home is a true reflection of our taste, choice and lifestyle and not too many understand it better than Kitchen Kraft. We help redefine your style and space by blending in our experiences from the past with a futuristic approach to help design homes that are functional, aesthetic and suit every budget and taste.

Kitchen Kraft’s MasterBrand connection speaks much about the quality of our product and we are constantly attuned to the needs of home owners to help design a new living space or remodel an existing one. We’re also committed to sustainability and an authorized member of the Environmental Stewardship Program organized by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA).

Our extensive range of products include Integra and Aurora door styles, embellishments such as moldings, corbels and brackets and mullion doors and inserts. Choose from an array of Kitchen Kraft cabinet interiors for the kitchen like the double cutlery tray, pegged dish organizer, pantry pull outs and file drawers.

Kitchen Kraft cabinetry can also be customized to blend in with your kitchen needs. Our designers are on hand to help with your storage needs, ensure that you have ample space and adjust the design and height of the cabinet.

What’s more? Let your imagination run wild as Kitchen Kraft cabinetry and your thoughts are a powerful combination that can easily transform your home.


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